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Follow Up on Twilight Post

November 29, 2010

Since my post on Twilight, I have read the second book, New Moon, and watched the film Twilight starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.  I wanted to follow up with what I thought about the movie…

Overall, it was good.  It was a faithful rendition of the book.  The coloring was perfect, Taylor Lautner as the somewhat shy and gawky Jacob Black was spot on. Kristen Stewart as Bella was very good, but not brilliant.  It was distracting when her eyes would flit around and her voice would stutter all about.  She never said a complete sentence without all this “uh,” “um,” “wha,” “ffft,” thing she does.  I kept wanting to say, dude, just spit it out already. 

The scene in which Bella and Edward have their first biology class together is one of the best scenes in the book.  Edward is finding it hard to resist her smell and tries to sit as far from her as possible, avoids eye contact, and keeps his fists balled up under the desk.  Bella is extremely confused by this and for days afterward wonders why this gorgeous guy she never met acts like he hates her.  It’s a classic misunderstanding that occurs often in fiction and creates a fun level of anticipation in which the reader looks forward to the moment when the main character finally understands the truth.  This heightened suspense between what Edward appears to think and what he really does think makes up the main tension in the first half of the book and unfortunately was never fully captured on film.  And that is such a shame because it was one of the greatest pleasures in reading the story.  Instead, in the biology scene, Edward just clutches his mouth like he’s going to throw up and then he squints at her like he needs glasses.

I really wanted the Cullen clan to be amazingly beautiful like they were in the book and none of them quite cut it.  Rosalie was the closest to being beautiful.  But the rest were just ordinary good-looking people.  So that was kind of disappointing.  But let’s get to the heart of it.  The real reason for watching the movie (for me) is to see what happens when Edward Cullen is brought to life.  I think Robert Pattinson is very handsome guy, and he came close, but ultimately, he did not compare to the character written by Stephenie Meyers. Pattinson is hot, definitely, but not breathtakingly so.  He is masculine, but not daringly so.  He is suave, but not dashingly so.  There were moments that were very romantic and heart-fluttering, but not enough of them to make me blush.  And, okay, I admit it, my cheeks got red when I was reading Edward.  I did not get red while watching Edward.

Twilight was still a good movie; I’m glad I saw it and I will definitely watch New Moon (I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing Lautner get a haircut and a bad-ass body) but I’m already preparing myself that the actors will likely not be as ruggedly gorgeous as the characters.  And maybe it’s not even possible for human actors to look like the vampires and werewolves that Meyers describes.  And that is just something I’m going to have to accept. Thankfully, though, I do have a fantastical imagination that allows me to see the real Edward Cullen whenever I want to.  And, of course, there’s always Mr. Darcy played by Mr. Firth to sustain me…

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