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August 8, 2016

Wonder coverBy RJ Palacio

Published 2012, 322 Pages

Synopsis: A ten year old boy with a disfigured face is about to go to school for the first time in his life. Since people often stare at him, he has been homeschooled through fourth grade. But now his parents think he can’t just hide away from the world; he must face it head on. Middle school is challenging enough for most kids, but nothing compares to the challenges faced by this brave boy with a heart of gold.

Review: I was going to say that this is an important book that everyone should read; but that almost makes it sound educational and boring. Though the book teaches many a lesson, it is far from boring. The story starts out from August’s point of view; August is the 10 year old with the misshapen face that causes most people to look away in disgust. He is immediately likeable which leads the reader to feel empathy for him and gratitude for their own blessings. But then the story changes perspective; we get to see August from the points of view of some of the kids at school and his own sister. I thought it was very clever to include multiple perspectives on such a difficult subject because we start to realize that everyone has good intentions–almost everyone. I like that the boy’s parents loved him unconditionally and I LOVED that others found themselves envying August’s family’s closeness and loving attitude toward one another. Everyone has some kind of burden in this book; it’s just that August’s is more noticeable. A wonderful lesson for all of us.

Rating: 5 Boots!

Recommendation: Ages 10 and up–especially all middle-schoolers–this book could offer you the encouragement and guiding principles you may be looking for.

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