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The Land of Stories

February 2, 2017

the_land_of_stories_coverBy Chris Colfer

Published 2013, 438 pages

Summary: This is the first in a series of books in which 11 year old twins Alex and Connor travel to another world where exist all the characters from beloved, well-known fairy tales. Alex is happy to have been whisked away to this magical world—a world she describes as containing her only real friends. While Conner is dumbfounded and ever anxious to find a way home. With the help of a journal written long ago by an unknown man from the Charming Kingdom, the kids begin a quest to retrieve 8 different items from throughout the Land of Stories that are supposed to work together to form a Wishing Spell that will grant them their wish to go home. Along the way they meet many of the people and creatures they had only thought lived within books, including Cinderella, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Evil Queen.

Review: What a fun book! The only trouble is how to categorize this, because it requires the reader to be fond of fairy tales, which might suggest a younger readership, like around age 7 or 8, but it’s pretty long and contains some concepts that are perhaps better understood by teens, such as falling in love, seeking revenge, and losing a parent. Then again, most fairy tales do contain these concepts in their original forms, so what do I know about appropriate reading ages?

We read this book aloud as a family and have been delighted by the sharp turns the story takes. It is such fun to see characters we have come to know so well through classic stories and Disney films. There are a lot of funny moments and a fast-paced rhythm that will keep any reader from getting bored. Mysteries abound as well, so you want to race to find out what happens.

Recommendation: Fun for the whole family. Excellent choice for read-aloud time.

Rating: For me, this is 4 boots. (For my 9 year old daughter, it is 5 boots – she LOVES this book. For my 12 year old son, this is 2½ boots—he finds it a bit predictable.)

Resources: There is a wonderful website devoted to this series:

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